Friday, December 10, 2010

Heated up !!!

The arrival of the multicore family of processors has taken computing power to whole new level. It has also taken the heating issues along with it.

Excessive Heating issues have become a point of concern for many laptop users. Some of the issues include, frequent restarts, uncomfortable usage (due to the laptop surface getting heated) etc. Apart from this is the health issue keeps lingering around.

The laptop service centers are frequently asked what the solution is. The only answer they have is, don't place the laptop above pillows or check for dust in the air vent etc. The (engineering and product) designers are many more solutions to this issue like active heat sink, heat pipes, water cooling, better body design etc.

The solution that is presented in this link takes things to a whole new level, The user has built a platform to direct the heat from the laptop to cook up the pizza!!!

The condition of user who consumed the pizza and used the laptop can only be determined over a period of timeJ. Until then we have rely on the heat sinks designed by the laptop manufacturer.



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